The International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit

In view of the current coronavirus pandemic, we’re awaiting the situation to be resolved to announce date and place for the next Autonomy Summit. Please stay tuned for updates.

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Our leaders’ view on the future of autonomous ships

This summit will give you the full overview of how senior commercial, governmental and international decision makers view the future of autonomous shipping and how it will contribute to a sustainable future for our world. What are the possibilities and obstacles, where will they be used and how will the industry adapt. What impact will they have on our environmental challenges and how will these challenges impact autonomous ship.


Get an update on autonomous ships initiatives around the globe.

Meet C-level executives and Key Stakeholders to discover insights into
customer demands and the future of autonomous shipping.

Gain key insights from the leading voices in the industry.

Discuss legislative issues in the industry.


Program from 2019