Autonomy Summit 2019

Maritime autonomy is now a driving force for reducing the environmental footprint of global trade and a disruptive technology for growth and sustainability. It will bring new opportunities by enabling fresh business cases for moving transport on land to sea, using state-of-the-art zero-emissions ships.

With this comes the potential to do more to protect our planet. The maritime world must adapt and leverage new technologies to create a more sustainable value chain. The technology is already here. It’s secure and it is reliable. Autonomous ships will become reality – the first generation is expected to be operational as early as 2019.

The International Summit on Autonomous Shipping is an essential event for C-level executives, industry experts and leading voices within political and legislative domains – all gathered to shape the future of autonomous shipping.



Get an update on autonomous ships initiatives around the globe.

Meet C-level executives and Key Stakeholders to discover insights into
customer demands and the future of autonomous shipping.

Gain key insights from the leading voices in the industry.

Discuss legislative issues in the industry.